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Good day!

My name is Philipp Schafft. I'm a student in Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Aside from my study I'm also a software developer who specialises in networks and audiovisual media.

The combination of Electrical Engineering and IT offers many possibilities, which is why I'm very interested in the intersection of both and like being creative with it.

Imparting my knowledge and experience is something I enjoy too, whether it is by talking with other specialists or by giving speeches or lectures at a convention, event or a regular meeting of some non-profit organization.

Besides my professional and technical life I also spend time on environmental and social topics; big cats, art and in particular, music are very important to me.

I am also a keen member of several non-profit organisations such as the Free Software Foundation Europe e.V. (FSFE), the Deutscher Alpenverein e.V. (DAV) and Fellig e.V..