Over the years and with my education I've gained a wide range of experiences. The following is an incomplete list of my skills.

Information Technology and Software Development:

My expertise in this field arises mainly from my self-study and my membership in organizations such as the RoarAudio project or the Xiph Foundation.

Beside free multimedia technology I also focus on network technology. Many of the projects I support are related to transporting (multimedia) content over network links.

Of course I'm also a qualified system administrator for free operating systems. This and my good knowledge on the POSIX standard are fundamental for many of my tasks.


Networking has always fascinated me; Because, what good is a computer without peripherals? Networks have become one of the most important peripherals there is.

Starting with the hardware layer I moved on within the last few years to the software side of networking. My interest scales from low level and transport protocols over system management protocols such as DNS, DHCP and SSH to the application level e.g. HTTP, SMTP and RoarAudio.

On the lower level I'm also curious about exotic protocols such as DECnet, LAT and MOP.

Web applications:

Besides my main tasks I was involved in some web application building projects. I'm competent in working with core technologies such as HTML, XML, CSS and SVG. All those projects have had server side implemented application logic.

Databases and SQL:

When working with databases I focus on PostgreSQL or migration from e.g. MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Electrical Engineering:

My study used to be on Electrical Engineering and Information Technology specializing in automation technology. In 2014, I changed my major to Electrical Engineering and Communications Technology. My knowledge of radio frequency as well as audio frequency applications are additionally improved by further training.

Based on my study and additional training I can successfully carry out a wide range of tasks within the Electrical Engineering field.

Programming languages:

My expertise on programming languages are mostly related to C, Perl and POSIX sh/Bash. Working with Makefiles is also natural to me. I'm also educated on developing software for AVR microcontrollers in ASM and C.

I was educated in IL, CFC and Ladder logic in programming PLCs. This was part of my study as well as my technical diploma on technical secondary school.

Other skills:


Besides being a native German speaker I also speak English. Which was classified as C1 within my study. However, it is better in aspects of IT. Furthermore, I speak Dutch at level A2.

Additional Qualifications:

I have applied for some courses on the side, including human resources management, corporate management, project management, communication and presentation skills.